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But for the Grace of God go I …

We continue to hear about being kind in today’s culture. It may be part of a tolerance message, but we need to examine our hearts and ask ourselves why we don’t always like to be kind at the end of the day. Different and change can be unsettling to our daily lives. A change contains… Continue reading But for the Grace of God go I …

Those Less Fortunate – part 2

Widowhood can be used as a metaphor for God’s relationship with Israel God, the perfect husband to Israel, was known to say that he would leave Israel to their vices: In Jeremiah 51:5 – The Lord says that He will not leave Israel widowed. Jesus‘ treatment of widows Jesus often pointed out the selfless acts… Continue reading Those Less Fortunate – part 2

Those less fortunate

In biblical times being a widow was more of a hardship than it is today in American culture. The loss of a husband caused financial instability, especially if there wasn’t a male heir to help provide. In reviewing the term widow throughout the Bible, we see that God intentionally provides for the poorest among society.… Continue reading Those less fortunate

New Year’s Day – Time for a Do-over!

New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are celebrated worldwide, ringing in the new and ringing out the old. It’s a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. The toasting glasses at midnight and the fireworks high in the sky depict the New Year celebrations.  It is the time to start a new and fresh… Continue reading New Year’s Day – Time for a Do-over!


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