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Boundless Sisterhood

Not Your Mamma’s Women’s Ministry

What if you knew who you were in Christ, knew your purpose, and were encouraged to keep running your race by a group of sisters who were running the path before you? When you stop running, they slow down, come beside you, and let you know that you can do this. When you are injured, they run slower, so you are not alone. When you veer off the path, they help point you back. Boundless Sisterhood is about running and finishing the race – together. You were not meant to run alone.

What is your identity in Christ? As a new believer, I understood the more time I spent with God, the more I found my identity in Him. I replaced old condemning thoughts and the judgment people gave me with what Jesus thought of me. I discovered my self-worth and value are in Him. I realized that I may not be perfect, but Jesus thinks I’m to die for! His blood ransomed my soul from eternal death.

What’s Your Purpose? Women need help to discover their purpose and opportunities to cultivate their gifts. I desire to give women a platform to hone the gifts that God has given them. Preparing for God’s service takes time and training. The work in our hearts alone can seem endless. Sometimes we think we are ready, and we are not. God knows the condition of our hearts – the good, the bad, and the ugly. God completes the work He began in us. Every occupation I had contributed to a skill set that I would need to fulfill His purpose. I did not know it when God was training me for His Kingdom and His glory. He had a purpose in all of it. Had I been wiser, I would have realized that my service during those years was to learn, become more Christ-like, and prepare myself for God’s purpose and His timing.

Where is your community? Community is essential – I could not do all of the work for Boundless Sisterhood by myself. God brought two women into my life at the right time to launch this vision. We have different abilities and callings, but God knit us together for His use. Michelle Viscuse desires to see women set free from the bondage of sexual abuse, and her social media skills are beneficial. Robin R. King wants to see women growing in the Biblical knowledge, and she is a gifted teacher. My name is Susan Thayer, and I am the visionary and founder of Boundless Sisterhood. My dream is to create a place where women learn about their identity in Christ, purpose in the Kingdom, and fulfill that purpose in God’s community. All three of us have different skillsets and yet fit together perfectly to form this community.
God never meant for you to run your race alone. God intended for you to be part of His family and feel the love, support, and safety of sisterhood. At Boundless Sisterhood, we are a community of supportive, caring women, determined to help you fulfill the passion and purpose that God has put inside of you.

We are a committed Sisterhood with Boundless opportunities and ways to serve the Lord. There are no limits in Christ; what is holding you back?


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