An interview with Bren Culbertson


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Dyed-in-the-wool or Teachable: Boundless Sisterhood

The Bible refers to Christians as sheep, the dyed-in-the-wool type. They are incorrigible and resolute in their actions. Sheep are cute and fluffy but fall prey to wolves and get in all kinds of trouble. They are not the most intelligent animal on four feet, but cute. Sheep also can be pliable, in other words… Continue reading Dyed-in-the-wool or Teachable: Boundless Sisterhood

Christian women

Mentoring Benefits the Community: Boundless Sisterhood

Steve Jobs mentored Mark Zuckerberg. Warren Buffett mentored Bill Gates. Audrey Hepburn mentored Elizabeth Taylor. Biblical examples of mentors are Moses and Joshua, David and Solomon, and Elijah and Elisha. As famous as these mentors and mentees are, the most profound mentor was Jesus Christ, he disciple or mentored the twelve. Mentoring done right is… Continue reading Mentoring Benefits the Community: Boundless Sisterhood

Christian women

Empowerment: The Answer to Community

Puzzles pieces have many loops and sockets; each piece has value in completing the whole. Empowering women contributes to a woman finding confidence and taking her place in the community. She must understand that her gift is an asset in the community. God gives us what other sisters are lacking, so we fit together. It… Continue reading Empowerment: The Answer to Community

Boundless Sisterhood, Christian women, Purpose

Purpose: Boundless Sisterhood

I loved the Disney Pixar movie Soul. Besides being an unbiblical representation of the afterlife, it has a good lesson about passion and purpose. It explains that God created us all with a purpose in mind.  The main character, Joe, is a struggling jazz musician. Through it, he has a near-death experience and learns to… Continue reading Purpose: Boundless Sisterhood


A Conversation with Cynthia Harris

I feel like I met my new best friend in my interview last night with Cynthia Harris. We had a great conversation about faith in Jesus, identity in Christ, and purpose in community. Please join me in watching this interview. https://youtu.be/KIr7B7tDhQU