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A Closer Look in the Mirror

Sometimes a closer look in the mirror can cause a woman to wonder, "What does it really mean to be created in the image of God?"   Body-consciousness has gripped America. Maintaining a youthful appearance has caused the plastic surgery industry to explode. Magazine and TV ads promote the perfect woman. Incentives are given to employees… Continue reading A Closer Look in the Mirror

Christian women

Has the church left the building?

"Elvis has left the building." This is a phrase that announcers often used after concerts to disperse audiences who lingered in hopes of an encore. It has since become a catchphrase and a punchline in American pop culture. In 2020 many have wondered – "has the church has left the building?" During the absence of… Continue reading Has the church left the building?

Christian women

My Faith-Based Bucket List

The bucket list has become a popular conversation for discussing things people want to do. That is before they leave this earth to meet Jesus, essentially kick-the-bucket! Have you ever made a bucket list? Let's try to do the right thing here and come up with a list that should be on everyone's "bucket list."… Continue reading My Faith-Based Bucket List

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Is Fear Holding You Back?

Who me? I don't have the time or the experience? I'm too old or too young. What would others think? These are the questions of a woman on the brink of something great but is stalled out by Fear. Fear is a terrible thing, the opposite of faith, and a tactic of the devil himself.… Continue reading Is Fear Holding You Back?

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Let Freedom Ring

As Americans, we celebrate the 4th of July as the day we won our independence from Great Britain. We became a free nation under God. Every year we enjoy the BBQ, parades, festivals, and fireworks; it is a great day to be an American! However, as Christians, we have better freedom to celebrate – freedom in… Continue reading Let Freedom Ring

Christian women

It Takes a Village, or the Church!

An old African expression says it takes a village to raise a child, and when I think about who has had the most influence in my life, I realize it took a village. I had a wonderful mother that laid a great foundation. She taught me so many basics of life: how to be a… Continue reading It Takes a Village, or the Church!