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Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly

The book of Proverbs tells us about two women, Lady Wisdom and Lady Folly. Lady Folly is a metaphor for the evil that tries to seduce us, and lady Wisdom is Jesus Christ. Lady Wisdom calls to us repeatedly. We are to seek her with everything we have and do everything to keep her. If we find her, we are blessed. Even if we aren’t wise at first, and none of us are, Lady Wisdom (Jesus) continues to call out, inviting us to be redeemed. In looking at examples of women in the Old and New Testament you can see where Lady Folly tried to seduce, and how Lady Wisdom continued to call until redemption was achieved.

Eve made the fatal mistake of being deceived by the serpent. After taking a bite of the apple, she offered some to Adam, and the two were removed from paradise. Man had fallen. Eve was told that she, the mother of all living, would give birth to a son that would crush the serpent’s head. So even though she sinned and caused all of mankind to fall, her redemption was to give birth to the lineage of Jesus that would defeat satan forever.

Rahab was a prostate living in Jericho. The city was in fear because they heard how great the Israelites God was. So when the Israelite spies came to Rahab’s house, she hid them and made a deal. She would protect the spies if they spared her and her family when they took over the city. She had faith in the Israelites God and later became part of the lineage of Jesus. It wasn’t her crafty ability to cut a deal, it was her faith in God that saved her.

Ruth is an example of someone foolish but became wise. She was foolish when she was a Moabite who married an Israelite, then became wise when she began to trust in her mother-in-law’s, Naomi, God. After Ruth’s husband died and Naomi decided to go back to Bethlem, Ruth was determined to be loyal and go with her. She said, where you go, I will go, and where you live, I will live, and your God will be my God. So she went back to Bethlehem with Naomi, and God Blessed her, and she married Boaz, her kinsmen redeemer, a type of Christ, and also wound up in the lineage of Christ.

Hosea’s wife, Gomer, had abandoned him and became a prostitute. Her lifestyle led her to poverty, and she had to sell herself into slavery. Hosea rescued her by paying off her debts and bringing her home. She learned the meaning of true love. This story was a lived-out allegory, expressing God’s love for a people that had committed spiritual adultery by worshiping multiple gods. In today’s world, we are the Gomers and Jesus is the one that paid the price for our sins.

The woman of Samaria is a prime example of someone that God reached out to redeem. He met her at the well, told her all about her multiple love affairs, and revealed himself as the Messiah. The one that the Jews had been waiting for. Jesus redeemed her, and she became the first evangelist, convincing everyone in town that He was the Messiah.

Lydia of Thyatira heard the gospel spoken by the Apostle Paul. Her heart was opened to the Lord, and she and her household were baptized. She most likely had a Greek background and lived in a Roman settlement. She was a businesswoman selling purple dye. When wisdom grabbed ahold of her, she gave herself and her business, becoming a financial blessing to the Apostle’s ministry.

The Bride of Christ, otherwise known as the church, has exemplified wisdom. She has learned from her Savior, to let him wash her with His Word, and now she is without spot or wrinkle as she comes to the marriage supper of the lamb. This is the final consummation that the church has been waiting for. It is what she has prized most through this earthly journey, and now wisdom is her reward.

Wisdom is a person; his name is Jesus Christ. We should seek Him with everything we have.

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