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What Great Love the Father has lavished on us!

Please read: I John 3:1-24 John considers the Father's "great love" lavished on us when we become believers in Christ. Then he further informs us that we shall be like Him, transformed, at His second coming. Our frail human bodies will become glorious and no longer subject to illness, disease, and death. When people believe this… Continue reading What Great Love the Father has lavished on us!

Faith, Fear, forgivness

Your sins have been forgiven

Please read: I John 2:12-29 John has a reason for writing this short letter, and he states it in the second chapter. John writes the letter to encourage the readers because their sins have been forgiven, and they knew Him (Jesus) from the beginning. John addresses the young men because they were tempted and overcame… Continue reading Your sins have been forgiven

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Obey God’s command to love

Please read: I John 2:3-11 How important is it to keep the commandments of God? It is a difficult task for sure. John states that keeping the commandments of God is a way for other believers to recognize you as a Christian. If you believe in God but do not keep his commandments, the Bible… Continue reading Obey God’s command to love

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Light and Darkness

Please read: I John 1:5-10 I find human nature interesting because we are justified in our own eyes. Meaning that we can always find an excuse for why we sinned while remaining judgemental towards others' sins. However, John is quite clear on light and darkness and sin and forgiveness in I John 1:5-10. John defines… Continue reading Light and Darkness