Faith, Fear

Bad companions corrupt

Please read: II John

This letter was written to “the lady chosen by God and her children.” More than likely, the lady is a church and her children its members’. John is encouraged because he met up with some of this church’s members, and they were doing well in their faith. Much of this short epistle is a condensed warning about the Secessionists. They had gone out from the Christian community trying to deceive believers by saying that Jesus was not the incarnate Son of God. He admonished them not to run ahead but stick to the truth that they were taught in the beginning. He also reproves them by saying, do not show hospitality to these false teachers; if you do, you will share the effects of the false teaching.

Be careful of your association with people that don’t teach the truth as the Bible teaches. Our association with them gives them our approval, and we can adapt their teachings after time. If we shelter or show hospitality to false teachers, we are as guilty of spreading the same falsehood as the teachers themselves are. False teachers still impact our world today. False teachers came in all forms and disguises, and we must be on our guard.

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