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Who Memorizes Scripture Anymore?

What is the difference between carrying the Word of God with you or inside of you? For centuries believers have had copies of the Bible that they could take with them wherever they went. Scripture was portable. The Bible is still portable through memorization, mediation, and the storytelling of the Gospel. When the Word of… Continue reading Who Memorizes Scripture Anymore?


In Your Fathers Arms

My daughter-in-law posted a picture of my son playing with his daughter on social media the other day. Zac was playing airplane with Georgia, and you can tell she is squealing with delight by her expression in the picture. The moment I contemplated this picture, I saw my son and granddaughter as God holding me… Continue reading In Your Fathers Arms

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Hope that Never Dies

There would be no hope without an empty tomb, and we would be hopeless. The very existence of Christianity depends on the truth of the empty tomb. Without Jesus fulfilling the promise to rise from the dead, what would there be to hope for? Mary Magdalene had no hope until Jesus found her. She loved… Continue reading Hope that Never Dies

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I have Eternal Life with Jesus!

Have you ever considered the thieves on the cross? Are you and I any different? We have more in common with them than you think. Think about it for a minute. We are all sinners, and we all fall short of the glory of God. One thief joined the crowd and mocked Jesus. We should… Continue reading I have Eternal Life with Jesus!

Christian women, confident hope, Faith, Hope, peace

God has a plan for my Life

There is great expectation from the parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles when a baby is expected. There is preparation, thanksgiving, and celebration. There are concerns and tears of joy. All surrounded by the miracle of Life. Envision what Mary must have felt when she held her son, Jesus, in her arms for the first… Continue reading God has a plan for my Life