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The Richness of His Blessings

When you come to faith in Christ, you lack no spiritual thing. You are adopted by God, His precious child, and there is no better father than Him. This adoption was unmerited favor – you did nothing to earn it. He gave His love, goodness, and mercy freely, and you simply said yes to the… Continue reading The Richness of His Blessings

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What the World Needs Now is Hope

I know the famous song says, “what the world needs now is love, sweet love,” but there is just too little hope these days as well. When you realize that your ending will be a better-restored future, it gives you the strength to bear what is between the present and the future. In Christ, we… Continue reading What the World Needs Now is Hope

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Does a Believer have to go to church?

My initial response is, "yes." Studying the Bible on your own is good, but that is more like a connected group setting, and if no one there is theologically educated – that train can come off the tracks at any time. This could lead to the danger of false teaching. Hebrews 10:24-25 states, “And let… Continue reading Does a Believer have to go to church?

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Scripture is Useful

Through different writers and thousands of years, the Bible still speaks to our lives in a personal way. All scripture is equally inspired; not all scripture is equally applicable to your life all the time. When you read through the Bible, some passages will jump out at you and give direction, bring conviction, or offer… Continue reading Scripture is Useful

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My pain is felt and understood

This world that we live in is broken and full of pain. Domestic violence, disease, poverty, injustice, and death. People wonder, "if God is good, why does He allow war or children to suffer?" Why doesn't He stop the evil that permeates our world? These are difficult questions that usually come from unsaved people. How… Continue reading My pain is felt and understood