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Tell it Girl

Christmas is a great time to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. Most everyone is familiar with traditional Christmas carols. They all tell a story of a different aspect of Christ’s birth. Away in the Manger tells us that Jesus came into the world in a lowly position. Joy to the World exclaims the elation of knowing that Jesus was sent to be the Lord and Savior of the world. One of my favorite carols is, Go, tell it on the Mountain. It inspires us to share the joy of knowing and receiving Christ with others during the Christmas season.

Go, tell it on the mountain
Over the hills and everywhere
Go, tell it on the mountain
That Jesus Christ is born

This song urges us to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ being born. What does proclaiming the Gospel mean? Simply put, it’s telling people about the goodness of knowing Jesus. It includes persuading people to firmly accept and believe in Jesus Christ.

The Gospel is the most incredible story ever told. We shouldn’t hesitate to tell it. Sharing this remarkable account of God’s love with others is a significant part of our life as disciples. When we love and care about others, we share the truths that will help them.

Reasons to Proclaim Jesus is the Reason for the Season:

It is a Command from Jesus.

  • With this commandment (The Great Commission), found in Matthew 28, Jesus invited us to tell others about His life as written in Scripture and how Jesus lives within us and with us now.

    Jesus sent the disciples into the world before his death to prepare them. He sent them out two by two to spread the Gospel, bringing healing of mind, body, and spirit to those who received it. (Mark 6:7-13.) Jesus wants us to share the Gospel with others to bring healing and peace to them.

God wants everyone to be saved.

  • God loves us more than we can possibly fathom. We break God’s laws, causing separation from Him. God sent Jesus to live a sinless life that we could not live. He paid the price for our sins, providing a way for us to have a relationship with God. Through Jesus, we have an abiding relationship with God while on earth and are guaranteed an eternal place with God in heaven after we die.

Sharing With Others Helps to Increase Our Own Faith.

  • Have you ever noticed that when you teach something, it really helps your own understanding of the subject? You have to really learn the material before you can teach others. If we meet someone we love, we must know them before we can tell others about them. It is the same when we meet Jesus. The better we know Him, the easier it is for us to share who He is.

As you hum and sing your favorite Christmas carols this holiday season, don’t forget to Go Tell it on the Mountain! Sharing our faith is essential because God loves this lost and dying world. His wish was that none would perish, but all would have eternal life. God is our help in times of trouble! Why wouldn’t we want to share that with a lost and dying world?

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