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Navigating Change in the Christian Life

As a Christian, you should anticipate many changes and transitions as God uses you and your life for glory. Change is good; it is not always fun, but it is good. It is suitable for us and for God’s kingdom. Change is a necessary part of life. Change shows we are growing closer to who God created us to be and stepping into the plans he has for us.

How do you embrace Change as a Christian?

As Christians, we don’t have to fear change. The Bible gives us countless reassurances of this truth, and spending time with God allows us to take those promises and apply them in everyday life. Use times of uncertainty to trust God and His promises, and remember the promises He made and kept in the past.

What does the Bible say about transition and Change?

Changes and transitions are there to grow us and make us better people. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.” In Christ, we are made new. When we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, our life immediately changes.

Five Ways to Embrace Change.

  • Change is inevitable, and embracing Change encourages development. When we resist Change, we stunt our spiritual maturity. It is always easier to stay in a comfortable situation than to launch into something that may or may not be a better fit. The problem is we don’t depend on God when we are satisfied, like when we are transitioning.
  • Analyze your life and transition and make adjustments as you go. If we make a wrong step in our journey – change it. This is how we learn to hear God speak to us. Hearing from God is crucial to transitioning well.
  • Make Change while you can, before Change makes you. It is easier to make changes when some factors and outcomes are still in your control. When you are consciously aware of Change, it is much easier.
  • Everyone has doubt, fear, and uncertainty. These feelings are normal when walking into the unknown. It is a growth opportunity in trusting God and hearing from God.
  • Self-loathing is counterproductive to embracing Change. Feeling sorry for yourself is not helpful and stunts your efforts. Don’t blame your surroundings or others for the circumstances you find yourself in. Instead, focus on a solution or a new normal. As you stay focused, Change becomes easier. The over-arching lesson to be learned is that there is value in the journey.

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