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My pain is felt and understood

This world that we live in is broken and full of pain. Domestic violence, disease, poverty, injustice, and death. People wonder, "if God is good, why does He allow war or children to suffer?" Why doesn't He stop the evil that permeates our world? These are difficult questions that usually come from unsaved people. How… Continue reading My pain is felt and understood

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My Life Can Change, and so Can Yours!

Have you ever done something that you never thought you would? Like Judas, have you ever done something you never thought you could be forgiven for? Something that you are not proud of but ashamed of. Hours before Jesus' death, two of the disciples betrayed Him. Judas betrayed Him with a kiss, and Peter denied… Continue reading My Life Can Change, and so Can Yours!


Our Lives Have Purpose

Imagine the scene from the last supper. Before Jesus broke the bread and took the wine, He washed His disciples' feet. Why did the King of kings and Lord of lords humble Himself and wash their feet? He was setting an example of servanthood. Jesus wanted His disciples to know that serving others is vital… Continue reading Our Lives Have Purpose

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The Importance of God’s Word

We are so fortunate to live in a time and place where the Word of God is accessible to read and study. This best-seller of all time has traveled worldwide, bringing life and changing hearts wherever it goes. We are blessed to have it written in our language and on our smartphones. It is portable,… Continue reading The Importance of God’s Word

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Seek Wise Counsel

“Where no counsel is, the people fail: but in the multitude of counselors, there is safety.” Proverbs 11:14 (KJV). It is so important to keep company with people of the same faith. The Bible says bad companions corrupt, and we should heed the word. It’s easy to think that your good Christ-like character will rub… Continue reading Seek Wise Counsel

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Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.

Matthew 6:33 (KJV) “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” This is one of the first scripture I felt the relevance of in my heart and memorized. When I first came to faith, God impressed this passage on my heart. I knew… Continue reading Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.

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Roles that the Scripture Plays in Our Lives

Through different writers and thousands of years, the Bible still speaks to our lives in a personal way. All scripture is equally inspired; not all scripture is equally applicable to your life all the time. When you read through the Bible, some passages will jump out at you and give direction, bring conviction, or offer… Continue reading Roles that the Scripture Plays in Our Lives


Jesus is the Word

He is the living Word of God. In Genesis, when God spoke, and things were created, Jesus was the Word that went forth from God's mouth and fashioned everything into existence. It is the same way Jesus works today. We read the Word of God; it goes into our hearts and minds and fashions or… Continue reading Jesus is the Word

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Scripture is Reliable

Many claims over the years have been made that the Bible isn't really the Word of God. They say it has errors and contraindicates itself or is out-of-date and irrelevant. It is written by man, so it has no authority over our lives. These views are the results of the decline of Christianity in America.… Continue reading Scripture is Reliable

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Who Memorizes Scripture Anymore?

What is the difference between carrying the Word of God with you or inside of you? For centuries believers have had copies of the Bible that they could take with them wherever they went. Scripture was portable. The Bible is still portable through memorization, mediation, and the storytelling of the Gospel. When the Word of… Continue reading Who Memorizes Scripture Anymore?