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Created in His Image

God creating us in His image is an essential truth for every believer. When a believer knows and understands that they bear the image of God or have the capacity to bear the image of God, they are more inclined to reflect on God's standard and their shortcomings. They yield themselves to the Holy Spirit's… Continue reading Created in His Image

Boundless Sisterhood, Christian women, Community, Heart, Identity, Love

A Closer Look in the Mirror

Sometimes a closer look in the mirror can cause a woman to wonder, "What does it really mean to be created in the image of God?"   Body-consciousness has gripped America. Maintaining a youthful appearance has caused the plastic surgery industry to explode. Magazine and TV ads promote the perfect woman. Incentives are given to employees… Continue reading A Closer Look in the Mirror

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My Faith-Based Bucket List

The bucket list has become a popular conversation for discussing things people want to do. That is before they leave this earth to meet Jesus, essentially kick-the-bucket! Have you ever made a bucket list? Let's try to do the right thing here and come up with a list that should be on everyone's "bucket list."… Continue reading My Faith-Based Bucket List

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It Takes a Village, or the Church!

An old African expression says it takes a village to raise a child, and when I think about who has had the most influence in my life, I realize it took a village. I had a wonderful mother that laid a great foundation. She taught me so many basics of life: how to be a… Continue reading It Takes a Village, or the Church!

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Unanswered Prayer

How many times have you prayed for something only to feel that your prayers are unheard? How many times has it taken so long to get an answer that you get discouraged and give up? Beloved, you are not alone. For all of us, at times, it will seem that the heavens are as brass… Continue reading Unanswered Prayer

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Man’s Finest Hour!

One of the first lessons that God taught me involved King David's parenting skills. David wanted to build a house for God; he felt it was crazy that he lived in a castle while God dwelt in a tent. However, building a tabernacle was not what God had planned for David. God saw him as… Continue reading Man’s Finest Hour!

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Identity Theft: Boundless Sisterhood

The devil originated identity theft. He came to steal, kill, and destroy all that we are in Christ. The thoughts that the devil whispers into our ears shapes us for years. My mother had eight brothers and sisters, and I had 36 - 1st cousins alone. We were a close-knit family that gave a lot… Continue reading Identity Theft: Boundless Sisterhood

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Boundless Sisterhood

Not Your Mamma's Women's Ministry What if you knew who you were in Christ, knew your purpose, and were encouraged to keep running your race by a group of sisters who were running the path before you? When you stop running, they slow down, come beside you, and let you know that you can do… Continue reading Boundless Sisterhood