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Georgia on my mind ….

Living Your Best Life … Before you were born, I prayed for your safety, health, salvation, peace, future mate, and parents. Now that you are here – I just can't get over how darn cute you are! You got the best of both of your parent's features, and you wear them well. Now, I wonder what… Continue reading Georgia on my mind ….

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Compassion in Todays Culture

Have you ever heard the phrase, "There is nothing new under the sun?" A quote from King Solomon himself in Ecclesiastes 1:9 "All things are wearisome, more than one can say. The eye never has enough of seeing, nor the ear its fill of hearing. What has been will be again, what has been done will… Continue reading Compassion in Todays Culture

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All you need is Love – Love is all you need!

These famous lyrics penned by the Beatles have become a common phrase in our culture and tend to romanticize getting along with difficult people or people with different opinions than we do. It is easy to love people who share our same views and opinions. However, it becomes challenging when that is not the case.… Continue reading All you need is Love – Love is all you need!

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Unity in Community

CULTURE is the way of life of a particular community or people—their traditions, customs, beliefs, languages, art, and mode of dressing. UNITY is the quality of being united into one. DIVERSITY means differences. UNITY IN CULTURAL DIVERSITY is the way people can be united despite our cultural differences. On the last night of Jesus' life, He prayed for unity. Jesus knew that… Continue reading Unity in Community

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A glorified body doesn’t require exercise!

I'm hoping my glorified body will not age, wrinkly, sag, bloat, or deteriorate. I can eat whatever I want and still maintain a healthy weight. It would be great if a glorified body could be like the bionic woman Lindsey Wagner played in that 70's tv show; she had a supersonic hearing, extreme strength in… Continue reading A glorified body doesn’t require exercise!

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Meet guest blogger Michelle Viscuse!

  I am pleased to present Michelle Viscuse as a guest blogger. Michelle will be speaking at our upcoming Arise conference on September 25, 2021, at LifeSprings church on Garrett Road in Durham NC. Please join us as Michelle shares her life-changing message. You can find out more about Michelle by visiting her website at… Continue reading Meet guest blogger Michelle Viscuse!

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To Judge or Not to Judge – Part 3

As Christians, we often hear, "You clearly are not a Christian because Jesus told us not to judge." Statements like this reflect our culture. Judging is wrong, and if you do, you are labeled intolerant. Am I not allowed to have an opinion? Clearly, others have theirs. The things we are allowed to judge and… Continue reading To Judge or Not to Judge – Part 3

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To Judge or Not to Judge – Part 2

It happened when I posted something to social media expressing an opinion about a current polarizing topic. It happened again when I just offered another point of view on someone else post. "Christians are not to pass judgments, only state the truths," one person commented. "Christ taught us to LOVE EVERYONE. We should be slow… Continue reading To Judge or Not to Judge – Part 2

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To Judge or Not to Judge – Part 1

Every topic is polarizing in our current culture. I hear my brothers and sisters in Christ judging each other, and it grieves my heart. Maybe it's more the emotions driving the judgment that concerns me. People are afraid because they feel that Christians are losing ground in our culture, point taken, but God is sovereign… Continue reading To Judge or Not to Judge – Part 1

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Meet Guest Blogger Bren Culbertson …

I first met Bren through Michelle Viscuse, and we connected instantly. I knew she was a sister in Christ and would be a member of the Boundless Sisterhood Community. Brenda Culbertson is a teacher, speaker, and writer. She blogs at Captivated Living. She is the co-founder of SmartGirl Ministries, who desire to equip ladies of… Continue reading Meet Guest Blogger Bren Culbertson …