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Happy New Year!

It's that time of year again. The time when we plan and set spiritual, physical, relational, and financial goals for our lives. If I have to be honest, my New Year's resolutions don't always last. I am powerless to effect change in my life, I can want it with all my heart, but I often… Continue reading Happy New Year!

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Pursuing Eternity with God

What do you think about when you hear the word discipleship? Do you think of a program to train new Christians in the faith? Do you think of one-on-one teaching, instructing them on the dos and don'ts of biblical life? Do you picture the Great Commission? To tell you the truth, I used to think… Continue reading Pursuing Eternity with God

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Prayer – Spiritual Discipline

Prayer is a necessary discipline, second only to reading the Bible. God has spoken to us through the scriptures and through example that we are expected to pray if we expect to become more Christlike. God hears every prayer we say or think, even if it is weak. Despite the importance of prayer, it is… Continue reading Prayer – Spiritual Discipline

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Mediation Spiritual – DIscipline

What do you think about all day? Our minds are bombarded with stimuli, radio, podcasts, tv, and all types of communication. So much so that we hardly have a moment's peace. Our minds race back and forth from work to family, neighbors, to a to-do list. Our minds simply never stop. No wonder we are… Continue reading Mediation Spiritual – DIscipline

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Spiritual Disciplines – Scripture Memorization

Most of us dread the thought of scripture memorization. Perhaps it brings back memories of grammar school and memorization of spelling words and times tables. It was work, and we felt of little value at the time. Memorizing God’s Word has excellent worth and reward. When Scripture is stored in your mind, it is there… Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines – Scripture Memorization

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Bible Study – Spiritual Disciplines

If reading the Bible is compared to looking up at the sky, then studying the Bible is like looking through a telescope into outer space. It is in the study of the Word that when learning truths about our father in heaven. Let’s look at three examples in the Bible of a heart to study… Continue reading Bible Study – Spiritual Disciplines

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Listen to what the Bible says – Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Discipline – Bible Hearing, Reading, Studying, and application of the Bible Hearing the Bible is one of the easiest disciplines to keep; it requires going to a Bible-based church every Sunday. Why consider this a discipline? In the 1960s, it used to be that no stores were open on Sunday morning. It was a… Continue reading Listen to what the Bible says – Spiritual Disciplines

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Spiritual Disciplines

For the Purpose of Godliness Why should a Christian practice spiritual disciplines? What are spiritual disciplines? Are spiritual disciplines still needed for today's Christian? These are some of the questions that surround spiritual disciplines. I assure you that spiritual disciplines are as much needed today as they have always been. The spiritual disciplines are the… Continue reading Spiritual Disciplines