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My Life Can Change, and so Can Yours!

Have you ever done something that you never thought you would? Like Judas, have you ever done something you never thought you could be forgiven for? Something that you are not proud of but ashamed of. Hours before Jesus' death, two of the disciples betrayed Him. Judas betrayed Him with a kiss, and Peter denied… Continue reading My Life Can Change, and so Can Yours!

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I have Eternal Life with Jesus!

Have you ever considered the thieves on the cross? Are you and I any different? We have more in common with them than you think. Think about it for a minute. We are all sinners, and we all fall short of the glory of God. One thief joined the crowd and mocked Jesus. We should… Continue reading I have Eternal Life with Jesus!

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Bad companions corrupt

Please read: II John This letter was written to "the lady chosen by God and her children." More than likely, the lady is a church and her children its members'. John is encouraged because he met up with some of this church's members, and they were doing well in their faith. Much of this short… Continue reading Bad companions corrupt

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Are you born of God?

Please read: I John 5 John wraps up this epistle by giving the requirements for being born of God. A person must believe in the incarnate Son of God to be born of God. Assurance that they are born of God is that they love others born of God and are obedient to God's commands.… Continue reading Are you born of God?

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Perfect love casts out Fear!

Please read: I John 4 John starts chapter 4 with a warning to "test the spirits." The Secessionists or false teachers believed that Jesus Christ did not come in the flesh. John helps us discern the false teachers from those who teach the truth. If they do not believe that Jesus came in the flesh,… Continue reading Perfect love casts out Fear!

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What Great Love the Father has lavished on us!

Please read: I John 3:1-24 John considers the Father's "great love" lavished on us when we become believers in Christ. Then he further informs us that we shall be like Him, transformed, at His second coming. Our frail human bodies will become glorious and no longer subject to illness, disease, and death. When people believe this… Continue reading What Great Love the Father has lavished on us!

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Your sins have been forgiven

Please read: I John 2:12-29 John has a reason for writing this short letter, and he states it in the second chapter. John writes the letter to encourage the readers because their sins have been forgiven, and they knew Him (Jesus) from the beginning. John addresses the young men because they were tempted and overcame… Continue reading Your sins have been forgiven

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I, II, and III John – a short but exciting read

Please read and study along with me as I look at these three small but essential epistles written by the Apostle John, also known as the elder, or the one that Jesus loved. Today we can just refresh ourselves on the background of these three epistles in preparation for a deeper dive. Please read: I,… Continue reading I, II, and III John – a short but exciting read

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Those less fortunate

In biblical times being a widow was more of a hardship than it is today in American culture. The loss of a husband caused financial instability, especially if there wasn't a male heir to help provide. In reviewing the term widow throughout the Bible, we see that God intentionally provides for the poorest among society.… Continue reading Those less fortunate

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To Judge or Not to Judge – Part 1

Every topic is polarizing in our current culture. I hear my brothers and sisters in Christ judging each other, and it grieves my heart. Maybe it's more the emotions driving the judgment that concerns me. People are afraid because they feel that Christians are losing ground in our culture, point taken, but God is sovereign… Continue reading To Judge or Not to Judge – Part 1