Meet the Team

Susan K Thayer

meet Susan …

Susan Thayer is a Bible student, mother, grandmother, and the author of the new Bible study, Love of Another Kind! Susan seeks to present biblical truths, concepts, and principles taught by passages of Scripture. She has a way of disseminating the Word of God with easy-to-understand life applications. She founded Boundless Sisterhood, Inc. to equip women for ministry, hosting women’s conferences to minister to women and prepare them for ministry, giving them opportunities to cultivate their gifts for the kingdom of God. This grandmother is a speaker, visionary, blogger, and minister of the Gospel. Susan works full-time as a project coordinator at Duke University and will receive her Master’s in Ministry to Women at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2023. Susan is a mother of two, Zachary and Benjamin. Mother-in-law to Zachary’s wife, Elise, and grandmother to their daughter, Georgia. She lives in Durham, NC.

Learn more about Boundless-Sisterhood by visiting the website.

Robin R. King

meet Robin … 

Robin R. King is a passionate speaker, teacher, and writer who uses storytelling and humor to motivate women to hunger for the life-changing transforming power of the Word.

You can find out more about her ministry at 
Robin R King.


Michelle Viscuse

meet Michelle …

Michelle Viscuse is an author, speaker, and a passionate leader who inspires women to overcome their past by finding courage, hope, and freedom in Jesus Christ. You can find out more about her ministry at Journey Pink.