Christian women

Unity in Community

CULTURE is the way of life of a particular community or people—their traditions, customs, beliefs, languages, art, and mode of dressing. UNITY is the quality of being united into one. DIVERSITY means differences. UNITY IN CULTURAL DIVERSITY is the way people can be united despite our cultural differences. On the last night of Jesus' life, He prayed for unity. Jesus knew that… Continue reading Unity in Community

Christian women

A glorified body doesn’t require exercise!

I'm hoping my glorified body will not age, wrinkly, sag, bloat, or deteriorate. I can eat whatever I want and still maintain a healthy weight. It would be great if a glorified body could be like the bionic woman Lindsey Wagner played in that 70's tv show; she had a supersonic hearing, extreme strength in… Continue reading A glorified body doesn’t require exercise!


A Conversation with Cynthia Harris

I feel like I met my new best friend in my interview last night with Cynthia Harris. We had a great conversation about faith in Jesus, identity in Christ, and purpose in community. Please join me in watching this interview.