Christian women

Created in His Image

God creating us in His image is an essential truth for every believer. When a believer knows and understands that they bear the image of God or have the capacity to bear the image of God, they are more inclined to reflect on God's standard and their shortcomings. They yield themselves to the Holy Spirit's… Continue reading Created in His Image

Christian women

A Closer Look in the Mirror

Sometimes a closer look in the mirror can cause a woman to wonder, "What does it really mean to be created in the image of God?"   Body-consciousness has gripped America. Maintaining a youthful appearance has caused the plastic surgery industry to explode. Magazine and TV ads promote the perfect woman. Incentives are given to employees… Continue reading A Closer Look in the Mirror

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Transforming your love life: Boundless Sisterhood

My cat Twila has always had a love for birds. It is not the type of love that would allow her to live in a community with birds, the kind of love that creates an appetite. In January, I read a Facebook post informing me that soaking up bacon grease with oats would feed birds… Continue reading Transforming your love life: Boundless Sisterhood