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About the Bible study: While reading the Song of Solomon, a woman may wonder, “Am I reading the Bible or Fifty Shades of Grey?” Imagery and metaphors fill the Song with parallels between a garden and physical intimacy. This expository Bible study of the Song of Solomon will give the believer a better understanding of God’s love for the church.

The Song of Solomon has relevant life lessons for men and women of all ages, and this study aims to expose applicable truths to single and married women. Studies on the Song of Solomon need to teach the full meaning of the Song and its application.

The richness of this book lies in uncovering the connection of the young couple to Christ’s love for the church. The Song reminds us of the Garden of Eden before sin tarnished our relationship with God. The Shulamite and her lover play this out, and we must comprehend the overarching theme of this book, taking us back to the Garden. The Song exposes the primary purpose of marriage: to reveal the mystery of Christ’s love for his Bride. As well as pointing us to our true soul mate and enjoying Love of Another Kind.

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