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A glorified body doesn’t require exercise!

I’m hoping my glorified body will not age, wrinkly, sag, bloat, or deteriorate. I can eat whatever I want and still maintain a healthy weight. It would be great if a glorified body could be like the bionic woman Lindsey Wagner played in that 70’s tv show; she had a supersonic hearing, extreme strength in her right arm, and could run at 60 mph due to the bionics placed in her body. Although I do think that our new bodies will be highly different than our earthly bodies, I don’t think they will be bionic.

Somewhere in your broken earthly body is the seed of what you will enjoy in your glorified heavenly state. Your image in heaven will be you but a much better, brighter you in a new dimension. The Bible tells us that all believers will get a new body in the resurrection when we meet Christ face to face. We do not know what these bodies will be like, but the apostle Paul writes about them in the first letter to the Corinthians.

1 Corinthians 15:35 “But some man will say, How are the dead raised? And with what body do they come?”

Paul starts chapter 15 by discussing those who have placed their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ by believing the gospel. The believer’s faith hinges on that the gospel is the one true hope. That Jesus, n the third day, came up out of that grave. This is crucial to the resurrection; without it, there is no eternal life. It is in this “eternal life” that we received these glorified bodies. When Jesus arose, he defeated all of our enemies, death, hell, and the grave. All believers that place their hope and trust in Jesus will receive the same victory over the grave! Physical death is not the end for believers; it is the beginning of eternity.

I Thessalonians 4; Paul tells us here that believers who have died physically are not without hope. This is because all humans have three parts: body, soul, and Spirit. So man has a form (body), the breath of life (Spirit), and a living soul – three identifiable parts, but one person.

When physical death occurs, the body from the soul and Spirit, bringing an end to your earthly “tabernacle.” The Spirit, or breath of life, departs from the body, and the living soul awaits a new “house or tent.” For the Christian, this new tent is the glorified body they have been waiting for. It is the temple of God that was, not made with hands, that is, everlasting in the heavens.

Our earthly bodies are corrupted with sin and cannot enter into the presence of God. So each believer will receive a new body, designed by God. This new body is honorable and spiritual  – not mortal. At death, your fleshly body will die and go back in the ground, turning back to dust and ashes. God will build you up with a new spiritual, honorable body that is fitted for heaven. This new body is glorious and powerful!

  • I have no clue what it will be like to exist in a glorified body – no one does!
  • I can’t go an hour without misplacing my spiritual focus – no one can!
  • I can’t go a day without a corrupt, sinful action of some kind – no one can!

This will not be the case in your glorified body. The new body that we receive will have no sinful nature and no corruption. The freedom that fact alone should cause us to rejoice! The new body will not see decay or have any disease or illness to it. We will finally return to the image that God created us in – His image. No sinful nature whatsoever!

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